Pumpkin Pie Pick Me Ups

I don’t choose to be a control freak. Nor am I proud to be one; however, when my friend insisted on bringing pumpkin pie to our Thanksgiving Feast, my heart sunk.  See, her people are under the impression that her pumpkin pie rocks and I’m not about to call them derogatory names, online. How could I, when they have yet to taste my pie. I’m not saying I make the very best crust -since I let Keebler take care of that, nor do I puree garden fresh pumpkins when you can pick up a can for two and half bucks. But I do have 3 little tricks, and believe moi, they make all the difference:

1.  Use coconut milk

2.  Replace some of the milk with bourbon, and

3.  Add a pinch of cardamom

For a nice fluffy delicious pie whip it all up with an electric blender.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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