Belgian Waffles

There’s something about a cheap hotel breakfast that is just right. A five star breakfast on the other hand, throws me in a tizzy. Yes I just said tizzy. Do I go the cold route or the hot one? 30 grain toast, cranberry muffins, French toast or all three? If you have the fruit and yogurt you can hold your head up high… with that nagging sensation that you didn’t get your money’s worth. Essentially it’s lose-lose. Fortunately, sometimes you have to stay at an almost-fleabag. If you have to crash at an airport hotel for three hours it’s silly to drop the cash on amenities you’ll never even see. Breakfast will at best consist of three watery “juices”, lousy coffee, cold cereal and a heaven sent do-it-yourself Belgian waffle maker. Yes I realize that many frown upon waffles as empty white carbs, but once you slather on the butter, drown it in maple syrup and a mountain of whipped cream, it’s hardly empty.

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