Airline Overbooking

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Say I invited you for dinner and upon arrival informed you, you didn’t have a seat. Imagine if you paid for that seat in advance, and I had lead you to believe, by official email with confirmation number and everything, that I would be delighted to see you at exactly 9:50 am. And yet when you show up, more or less when you’re supposed to, you find yourself in a game of musical chairs to which everyone else was invited half an hour prior. You probably wouldn’t go back to that party anytime soon and yet airlines do it all the time. As you might have gathered from my snarky, hateful tone, I was a recent victim of such evil machinations. I might not have been particularly early for the flight, as the car rental place chose to do a disappearing act just when I needed to dash in and out, but I had paid my fair, squished everything into a carry-on bag, and was wearing quite the lovely outfit. I sniffed, I snivled, I inferred quasi emergencies that made no sense whatsoever. Serves me right I suppose for rubbing my hard to believe ticket price in everybody’s nose. Oh, they’ll believe it now! They forgot to mention I was traveling from Canada to New Jersey via Siberia, which by the way, is really nice this time of year.

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