Cauliflower Revolution

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“Cauliflower” I learned on a site called is (and I quote) “cropping up in everything from pizza dough to porridge as an alternative to grain-based flours.” I wouldn’t have given it a second thought were it not for our last visit to my brother’s. My children are tall. The two I was traveling with are boys. They like to eat, a lot. My brother is, for lack of a better word, healthy. Very. I suppose that’s two words… As such, my boys try not to go hungry, for fear of going hungry and then time and again my sister-in-law serves something like whole wheat french toast sans dairy products, or in the case of our last visit, pizza on flourless cauliflower dough. There is usually a collective silent groan when we find out just what we’re up against, and then lo and behold, we gobble up so much of the stuff she has to whip up one or two more. To make a quick cauliflower pizza dough: puree cauliflower and mix it with grated cheese, spices and eggs. Press it into a circle and bake it for 20 min at 375. Add your topping and bake it 5-10 more minutes.

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