Touchy Touch Screens

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I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of touchscreen ordering. I went out for lunch a few weeks ago with a friend. I went out to chat, show off my new sun glasses and be served, not work. But work it was. My friend was practically finished his stir fry as I was putting the finishing touches on my salad. And that was pre-dressing. Not only that, but for some inexplicable reason the plethora of choices led me to believe it would be a good idea to combine wasabi covered peas with apple, tahini and pickles. Ok, not quite, but almost. That is to say, he wasn’t finished eating, and there might not have been any pickles, or tahini, but it was one nasty, unsatisfying salad. Kinda like eating at home. My mother-in-law’s home. When I asked (read: begged) the “waitress” who doesn’t actually wait tables since this restaurant’s MO seems to be that service is old nerds (ie. people like me), if she could bring me a less nasty salad dressing. She said no. No, she wouldn’t get it for me? Or was she just doing what girlfriends do to keep other girlfriends on their diets? Or did she happen to see how much I put in the tip jar?

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