O Canada

Image courtesy of cliparthut.com.

While exercising my A.D.D. on youtube I stumbled upon a food channel from the land of my birth.  Once upon a time we Canadians were considered more polite and innocent with a dash of hick on top, but now thanks to the internet and Amazon everything is pretty much homogenized. As such, our oft mocked pronunciation of words like ‘about’ aside, I didn’t expect the show would be any different. How wrong I was. As dishes were showcased and tasted there was an outpouring of please and thank you’s the likes of which haven’t been heard since the British borrowed Quebec from the French. I was one proud duel citizen. On more than one occasion I witnessed a contestant pass a utensil &/or ingredient to a fellow competitor – I couldn’t help but wonder how the producers expected to attract advertisers without the rating-grabbing back stabbing we Americans relish. But then they cracked. One by one, as the eliminees faced their hour of humiliation at the executioners table, all hell broke loose. For some odd reason (could it be the money?) the charm and niceties so generously bestowed upon fellow competitors went bye-bye. One tiny hint of a critique from a well seasoned judge and off went the gloves/out came the fangs. Apparently while Canadians are really really polite and even spell like the English (but brush our teeth), it seems as a nation, we’re kinda sore losers. Sorry.

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