Tahini or Tahina as it’s called in the Mediterranean region, from which it hails, is jammed packed with calcium, vitamins and a bunch of minerals I’d rather not pronounce. Despite the fact that it’s full of calories & unsaturated fat (the good kind), it is said to help with weight loss thanks to its high alkaline mineral content -look it up. According to the mindbodygreen.com, it also prevent anemia, promotes cell growth -particularly skin and muscle tone. Tahina is one versatile puppy: the unsung hero of a good hummus dish, it makes a great salad dressing and adds body and protein to a dish of rice or grain or even a sandwich. Finally believe it or not, it can make a mean dessert: Halva – a love it or hate it item – is a solid brick of tahini packed with sugar, flour & other stuff such as chocolate, pistachios or almonds. Adding tahina to a sugar cookie dough will give you an unusual, slightly healthier dessert (that most people won’t like). I’m just saying.

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