Mango, Avocado & Melon: A When To Purchase Guide

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They’re too hard when you need them, mushy, brown and icky tasting by the time you remember them. Avocados, mangos an melon can be so cruel! Is there an intelligent way to minimize the heartbreak & waste? Why yes there is! Here’s how to buy & store some of our seasonal goodies:


Has avocados have the most flavor so this is for you kid: Green skin means they’re not ripe and will take 4-5 days to ripen. Skin that’s dark green not quite black is ready for prime time. I like to buy a bunch of green ones, keep a few on the counter to ripen quickly, and leave the rest in the fridge, where they ripen more slowly (fruit cyrogenics if you will).


Choose mangos based on how they feel, not how they look. A ripe mango gives a little (ie. isn’t hard) when squeezed gently & should smell sweet where it was attached to the tree. Unlike avocados, mangos will not ripen in the fridge, but can be put there once they are ripe, so they don’t soften too much.


Melons should be dull not shiny & smell sweet or at least fragrant where they were once attached to the vine. They should be heavy compared to other melons. Honeydew will be pale or light yellow when ready. Watermelons are supposed to sound a certain way when tapped, but that’s above my pay grade.

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