Potato Salad Revamped

Image courtesy of shewearsmanyhats.com

Whoever came up with the idea of potato salad as a summer picnic necessity was either a prankster or a silly billy. A heavy, bland winter vegetable doused in mayonnaise loves nothing more than going rancid in the heat. And don’t forget to add a gut stuffing egg. What weren’t they thinking? That said, I love potato salad. I love it in the winter, I love it in the summer. It’s filling and delicious and goes great with everything. For those of you who aren’t as enthused, consider dolling your potato salad up one of a bunch of ways: Add tons of chopped fresh herbs to make it a whole lot healthier and colorful. Add something sweet such as peach or pineapple to balance the heavier part of your meal. Use olive oil & dijon instead of mayo for a more European taste. Add olives, capers and bacon bits for a crispy tangy touch. (or skip the bacon bits if they happen to disgust you). Try adding blue cheese or blue cheese dressing, chopped apples and toasted nuts. Picnics are by definition fun, does your potato salad deserve any less?

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