They say that when you grow up you realize your parents weren’t complete idiots after all. In my case, I humbly acknowledge that my father was way cool, way back when. He was eating stuff like Kohlrabi, persimmon and lecithin before they even existed. I mention this A) to show off and B) because Kohlrabi happens to be in vogue in certain circles. Though most people haven’t heart of it, wouldn’t recognize it or think to slip a silent H before the L as in K-O-H-L-R-A-B-I, it’s one tasty, perky, tart pasty-looking root. Word on the street is that it tastes something like cabbage and broccoli, but that’s a bunch of hooey. This funky one-of-a-kind root vegetable comes in whitish green or purple and packs a spicy, refreshing punch. I like to nibble on it au natural, but it’s also a great addition to any salad. Treat it as you would a beet: eat it raw, add it to soup, grill it, shred it, or sautee its leaves. You won’t  believe that something this yucky looking could taste this terrific.

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