Price Clubs: Friend or Foe?

I was forced to eat 900 crackers, 15 bananas and 2 crates of mandarine oranges. At one point my cart contained 5 million Hello Kitty stickers, a robot vacuum, and a gardening hat that made me look like Katharine Hepburn in On Golden Pond -and you know how I hate to look like Katharine Hepburn! Is Costco friend or foe. If they make fun of women who buy 2 pairs of jeans when they’re half price, how about a shopping cart full of well priced stuff you so don’t need. And it turns out that trying new brands of hummus is not particularly good for family dynamics and leaves you with no option but to eat the whole bucket of mushy chickpeas all by yourself. I won’t deny it: the produce is always fresh & delish and the selection of products is mind boggling, but are these mega sizes are helping us with portion control? The stuff you buy doesn’t fit into shopping bags -need I say more?

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