Mother’s Day Croissant Magnifique

If you’ve never made a croissant before, never is the time to start. Besides, if you really love your mother, you’ll buy one from a good French bakery, Whole Foods or France. And while I’m violently opposed to the croissant-donut, or as those ‘in the know’ call it, the cronut, I did once taste a croissant whose integrity was messed with to perfection. I was down at breakfast before my husband was even up, and while I would ordinarily edit this part out for fear of sounding pretentious, but will add for provenance (read: street cred) we were in Paris. When I saw the sign for Maple Syrup French Toast Croissants, I snickered. What right-minded Frenchman would eat such an American bastardization? But then I remembered how much better French French Fries taste. So even though according to French Toast originated in England, I asked myself if it perhaps wasn’t worth a dally – or two. God bless the French! Not for them the egg or milk -after all, since when is protein and calcium an advisable way to start the day? Nope, as far as I can tell, all they did was soak it in maple syrup, fry it in butter and sprinkle icing sugar on top. If you’re the healthy type, try Turbinado sugar. Or make it a Mother’s Day to remember & serve with fresh berries or sliced banana and whipped cream with a generous drizzle of maple syrup all over. It’s your day darling –at least until you have to navigate the kitchen disaster.

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