Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

I’m not 100% sure, but if it were me, it would have been to luxuriate in a bath of Sticky Fingers Smokehouse’s Carolina Classic Barbecue Sauce. Full Disclosure (& I realize this is an odd time to announce this, but): I am now a Pescetarian. However, that doesn’t mean the sight of perfectly grilled chicken doesn’t get me salivating.  I know how I’d like it to taste, how it used to taste… (sigh). Plus, since I don’t want my carnivorous family to kick me out on the street,  I make meat & chicken on a fairly regular basis. And who are we kidding? Throwing a piece of meat on the grill is pretty darn easy. For those of you who know that I am quite the braggart regarding my BBQ chicken, it’s about to get worse:  I recently noticed a new (to me) brand of BBQ sauce in the supermarket & thought I’d camouflage some leftover chicken in it. (When are they ever going to notice how awesome and flavorful some leftovers become?) So last night I casually marinated some already delicious chicken in the delectable above mentioned sauce (Sticky Fingers Smokehouse’s) and without much fanfare, presented it to the natives. Holy Cow. Even the picky eater who shall remain nameless (it rhymes with Bake and starts with a “J”) devoured it. Enough said. Use this sauce on raw or repurposed chicken. Use it as a dip. Drink it with a straw. This sauce is a winner!

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