Cravings Are A Funny Thing

Why, as of November 1st, do I find myself making pumpkin bread and not my go to, banana nut? I just can’t get enough of the stuff… until a month or so later, after a strict regimen of pumpkin muffins, coffee, bread, soup and pie, the cravings are pretty much under control. And, oh, how I yearn for Egg Nog -despite the fact that I know exactly what they put in it. I read that some people marinate their Egg Nog for months. That is not the type I yearn for. Moving right along, hot apple cider and mulled wine fill the house with good cheer, delight your guests and save you a fortune on apple cider and mulled wine flavored candles. How to? Warm-up apple cider, red wine, or a combination thereof on medium heat. Add cinnamon in stick or powder form, a dash of nutmeg if you dare, and orange peel, if you have some lying around. Great party starter, Great on a cold winter night. Hard to burn.

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