Panna Cotta

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Talk about heated topics. We’ve suggested to our children that they tread lightly when discussing hot topics such as religion, politics and mother’s age. I guess we’ll have to add Panna Cotta to the list. While innocently surfing for recipes, I recently stumbled upon just such a debate. Panna Cotta means “cooked cream” in Italian, so if you’re not making it the good ole fashioned way, with good ole high fat ingredients, watch out for pesky online dessert police who will bust anyone who goes off script. Until I learned the ugly truth, I too held the false belief that Panna Cotta is the smart dieter’s answer to Creme Brulee. Sure you can make it with low fat milk and yogurt… if you’re okay with it tasting like low fat milk and yogurt. Just one baby rung below chocolate cream pie on the “I Really Shouldn’t Eat This” list, Panna Cotta is hardly health food, but when served with pureed mango, pear, guava or quince, you could sure fool me.

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