Vacation Calories

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Surprise, they do count! Sometimes. I don’t know, I was under the impression that since the equipment and lift tickets we’re eating up so much of our hard earned dough, I could gobble up whatever I wanted at the snack bar free of caloric repercussions. My bad. My really bad. Filling out your ski pants while indulging in forbidden fruits such as grilled cheese, chips and hot chocolate, over and over again, is one thing, squeezing back into your civilian attire one week later is an entirely different matter. Apparently, lounging in the lodge and looking pretty on the chair-lift doesn’t burn up all that much energy, even if you do feel pooped and worthy of a long hot bath and a therapeutic massage. So it seems all vacations are not created equal and one needs to be active to merit quality time at the trough. I could have stayed home for that.

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