Boresville USA

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I know my kids think it’s boresville USA, that I’m boresville USA, but if we are going away for a week or more, I’m just not interested in eating out three meals a day… Oh who am I kidding? Of course I want nothing more than to laze about in watering holes and such and nibble on delicacies galore that someone, anyone else prepares. That’s not called vacation, that’s called heaven, or marriage. Kids don’t generally go Dutch, so why on earth should they care what it costs? Plus, if they like chips and salsa at home is it such a stretch to think they might also enjoy them elsewhere? Don’t they know it takes an eternity to navigate a foreign supermarket, and that shopping on vacation is a royal buzz kill? My point? Take what you can, splurge on one meal a day, no more, and you might be able to go on vacation again next year.

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