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There seem to be less and less people who agree that squeezing into our car for a virtual eternity is a fun family thing. The youngsters, those leeches that don’t pay the bills or even fill out their own school forms, just don’t get why we don’t dole out an arm and a leg for plane tickets and a rental car. Is it too much to ask that we all suck it up for 12 hours and play games that were outdated in ancient times? I realize our car is getting smaller as the boys get larger, but doesn’t that just make for bigger memories? And is it my fault they’re 6 feet tall? A couple years back I learned that the less one feeds them the better they behave. The same goes for yours truly. After years of gorging on garbage from the moment I sit down, I am now perfectly content with fruit, nuts and vitamin water -as long as we pay our respects to Starbucks and a drive through or two.

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