Hooray for Food Chains

Image courtesy of etsystatic.com

On our trillionth road trip pit stop, I was delighted to see all the healthy choices now offered by otherwise frowned upon fast food chains. Establishments such as Roy Rogers and Famiglia Pizza now offer items such as fruit cups, yogurt parfaits and a good variety of salads. Not to worry, you still have the option of drowning your greens in rich dressing. and we did. And yet I couldn’t help but notice all the otherwise intelligent looking adults who still chose to eat nothing but marvelously packaged empty carbs. A good chunk of your taxes, not to mention the efforts of our first lady have been devoted to convincing Americans of all ages that deep-fried anything isn’t the best choice on the menu, and yet I didn’t see a single person eating clean, or even looking guilty. My own children included -if you don’t count pizza as a protein and a vegetable. I was ordering my third overpriced fairly-traded coffee of the day, so who was I to sneer?

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