Pizza Topping Heaven

My boys & I went out for pizza to a neat looking place the other night. The attraction was the toppings. See, this hip new place has an endless variety of sauces, cheeses, veggies, olives, spices, you name it. You start by choosing your sauce -or dare I say, no sauce at all, and keep going ‘til you’ve designed the pizza of your dreams. It’s fun. It’s cool & the sky’s the limit. So I thought: why not try it at home? Why not have a free form, anything goes affair, where I offer up ingredients & everyone gets to be their own creative genius. And then I realized, by golly, I do do this more often than not, it’s called: make your own dinner people, mommy’s on strike. Again. They charge extra for the privilege of having us do all the mental lifting, when at home, I’m hardly called innovative for refusing to lift a finger. I’d call me flat out of ideas / not in the mood / Open minded??? Who me? Lazy?

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