Is the smoothie friend or foe? I actually remember the very first time: I was at my friend Rosemary’s house. It was a magical combination of skipping school and messing up her mom’s kitchen (knowing full well good old Rosy would catch you know what long after I was in the safety of my own mother’s, rather clean kitchen) -How we threw caution to the wind as we tossed in anything our little hearts desired knowing full well that with enough vanilla, maple syrup and banana, no combination would be un-drinkbable. We were teenagers, and it was free. Smoothies are fun and delicious. They ‘re also home to all those bananas you froze instead of throwing out. They’re easy to make, can be fruity or full of the greens you otherwise wouldn’t dream of having for breakfast. And yet there are of those who oppose. Yes just when you thought you were in a negativity free zone, you will encounter people who are adamant about chewing not sipping your greens. Something about having those fibers clean out one’s gut as opposed to sucking up baby puree. If the innocent, well meaning smoothie doesn’t get a pass from the nay sayers, what of twix bars and resees peanut butter cups? Are those bad for you too? I choose not to Google this one, not now, not ever.

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