Spoiler Alert: Brown Rice Is Not Your Friend

Photo courtesy of ichef.bbci.co.uk/

Brown rice is not your best friend. Unless you’re into arsenic. So what does that say about those of us who where too good for white rice all these years? I ignored this dirty secret and didn’t corroborate for a good month, because, like you, I really didn’t want it to be true. So I’m happy to report that as far as I’ve read, brown rice contains more nutrients, and certainly still looks healthier than it’s albino counterpart, but it also happens to have a higher arsenic content which ultimately prevents the absorption of vitamins and minerals. And despite what you might have heard, arsenic isn’t that good for you. Brown rice isn’t the only offender, just about everything we consume including the water we drink contains a certain amount of it. Ironically, but not really, I’ve read it helps to rinse your rice, brown or white, before cooking it and use lots more water than suggested on the package. I’m just the messenger.

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