Big Green Monsters

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I recently purchased the Professional Ninja 1,100, the poor man’s Magimix, which reviewers say is just as good at a third of the price. I’ve finally joined the ranks of the yoga generation, and start my day with everything green and fruity, yogurt and milk. I guzzle it down with pride, knowing I couldn’t have started my day any better. Packed with vitamins, minerals and protein I’ve got all my bases covered. But just as I take my last slurp, the injustice of it all hits me like a ton of pancakes. Sure, I got to sip that slimy goo, but I didn’t get to munch on a damn thing, not even cereal. And since I’ve already consumed every healthy thing known to man, it’s carb time baby. Not to mention the fact that I’m cheating my stomach of the opportunity of breaking down all the fiber my naughty Ninja pureed to smithereens. If I don’t consume some real food, and fast, what are my poor stomach enzymes to do?

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