5 Spokes Creamery Cheese Has Arrived!


I would say: “Can’t wait to try it!”, because I couldn’t. Son #1 & I broke into my Grand Prize from @5SpokeCreamery as soon as we saw it. He chose the Cantal styled Tumbleweed which had a faint whiff of that French cheese smell. That maravelous (oft feared) aroma tells you you’re in for a treat. And we were! I would say it has the depth and boldness of a goat and its earthy home (does praise get any higher?), my son sensed cheddar. Either way it has a bold, deep flavor that is good enough to linger. It certainly is fresher and more flavorful than anything you’ll find on the shelf! I’ll be able to tell you more about it after I’ve have it with a good (or bad) bottle of wine, figs, grapes, pecans and jam. A heartfelt shout out to Liz of @kosherlikeme who hosted the contest that brought me and my dear calf Mootek together forever.

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