Fruit Reigns Supreme

Photo courtesy of static

Warm chocolate lava cake is heavenly, which would explain why every single restaurant on the planet serves it. A well made lemon pie is an uplifting and refreshing way to end any meal, or start it. Good biscotti dipped in coffee or booze feels oh so sophisticated and yet there really is nothing so perfect as in-season berries or perfectly ripened tropical fruit. Needless to say, my cookbook includes a good amount of dessert recipes, which wouldn’t be there if I didn’t swear by them, still I want to give a shout out to mother nature, clean eating and fresh fruit in particular. With whipped cream on top. But seriously folks, try serving more fruit and less baked goods and you’ll lob a whole bunch of unhealthy off your meal. If you’re not into fresh fruit, make a compote, sorbet or crisp. Plus, you’ll likely never have to share dessert again, what a wonderful world that would be.

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