Tomato, Tomatilla


Guess what? They have flavor. The cherry & grape tomatoes are actually sweet and delicious this year –it’s about bloody time! Chop them in half, sprinkle on salt and pepper, drizzle on some rice vinegar and let them marinate in the fridge. Or go the extra mile and add fresh thyme or oregano. It’s a great little salad and a perky little pick me up side dish for fish or meat. In the name of full disclosure, and I know you care, I’m not a big lover of the tomato. At the very same time I have always been suspect of people (read: my husband) who looove olive oil but are terrified of olives. And yet who am I to judge? The seeds, the acid, their gooey slimy guts, these are the reasons for my perfectly natural tomato phobia in light of that fact that I love everything it makes from gazpacho to marinara. I even love ketchup because my boarders will eat just about anything I squirt it on.

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