The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Big time dilemma: There’s been a lot of chatter of late on the makings of the perfect chocolate chip cookie. As the chunk vs. chip turf war rages on, so does the squabbling over size of the chip. How dark should the chocolate be, and dare one mix dark, milk &/or, egad, white chocolate? Mint, espresso and caramel chips provide a cheap thrill, but we’re purists here. There are those who vow it’s all about the ratio of chocolate to dough or type of flour used. And will it be white or brown sugar that will win you that coveted blue ribbon? Some like them chewy and thick with crunch on the outside, others: flat as a pancake with all crunch all the time. Have these people not had childhoods? There are only two ways to eat the chocolate chip cookie: raw or warm. It might not be talked about in good company, but raw cookie dough ranks in my top 10 fondest childhood memories, (if you can’t relate, you really ought to seek help ) so I’m not going to pretend I don’t partake now that I’m a big girl. I mean, is salmonella really that bad?

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