BBQ Season – The Big Lie


You didn’t hear it from me, but is it possible that barbecue season is a sham? This year I’m just not buying the old: “Whew, it’s finally barbecue season! I barely lift a finger and all the food will be just fantastic!” I hate to be a spoilsport but you still have to prep it, and now we’re messing up not one but two work areas, which could be as far as 20 feet away!!! Furthermore, you will without fail need to remind people who have been living in your home as long as you have (as in, over a decade) where they might find the barbecue utensils… yes in the kitchen! And you have to pray that the squirrels didn’t have their way with your macho outdoor guy-magnet (read: the grill) while you were over heating your home and killing the planet all winter. Oh, who am I kidding? You feel and can even dress like Gilligan (as in Gilligan’s Island) and make everyone bring beer, so light ‘er up and crack one open: It’s BBQ season!

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