Frozen Fish Mother in Law

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She’s not coming over. She said she was coming over, sleeping over, but it’s my prerogative not to believe it until she actually shows. Mother-in-law’s will cause one to play all sorts of mind tricks, on oneself. So there she was at our front door, chipper as ever, and right on time, just when I had convinced myself the rain would delay her… forever, if not longer. It was dinnertime and I was still in my gym clothes with only the vaguest recollection of what I was planning to serve. For servitude it is. And then I remembered reading that it’s okay, no, it’s ideal to cook frozen fish. Cooking frozen fish gives you that sizzling, sometimes crunchy outside without overcooking your fish on the inside. Funny, since she has the exact opposite effect on yours truly –making me raw & slightly nasty on the outside while sizzling to a burnt ember on the inside. She came, I wowed, she left, and no one will ever have to know about my dirty little secret: Mr. freezer. And Zanex.

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